We have a wide range of activities in Pars Namak Kaveh’s Company and total success in our company is depended on function of each member of our system. The main company’s commitment to country’s industry is education of skilled and bound workforce. We constantly want to employ people who are eager, team-oriented and have high social relations.
Pars Namak Kaveh is recognized as a pioneer recrystallized salt production company in Iran. This production unit has a large number of similarities with other industries such as chemical industries, shipbuilding, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. This is because of corrosive nature of salt which makes this industry as a high-tech industry. As a result, countries’ young specialists have a unique situation in order to gain experiences and learn high-technology in our company.
The nature of this industry would enable us to employ outstanding engineers in a wide range of fields such as chemistry, food industry, pharmaceutical, electric, mechanic, etc. and technical workforce in fields of welding and painting. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for ones in strategic sectors such as business, accounting and administration.
The kind of industry, we are working in, made us employ experienced engineers in the fields of chemistry, food, pharmaceutic, electricity, mechanics, industry, metallurgy and technicians of installation, welding and painting. Also other opportunities in strategic parts are available such as business, accounting and administrative management.

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